What makes a product artisanal

'Artisanal'...surely you have heard this word before; maybe in a local store or how a friend casually describes their bottled water, but the word by itself tells a story of tradition, family history, geography and culture.

The definition of artisanal 

The dictionary definition of artisanal defines a product made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.

But more than that, an artisanal product relates directly to the skills, concept, and history of the artist behind the product and the idea of molding something tangible, piece by piece, making every item unique.

The benefits of choosing artisanal products

When you buy small batch goods, not only do you get a unique, hand-crafted item, but you are also supporting artists and small communities that are dedicated to their craft that often represent centuries of knowledge that has been handed down through generations of families.


How to tell that a product is artisanal

The craft and tradition are often as unique as the items themselves, so here are some tips to know how to tell a product is artisanal:

  • Typically, no 2 items are exactly the same, so celebrate the differences
  • Items are produced at a small-scale or in small batches, making each one special
  • Products are crafted using traditional methods and tools, connecting you with the history of the item
  • Food goods are created according to traditional recipes, using local ingredients, guaranteed fresh

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